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Food Alerts

Food Alerts

The FoodAlert is a weekly newsletter that offers breaking news from our overseas offices and category specialists about developments in the food business that have implications for Irish suppliers.

How the post-Covid-19 “new normal” is emerging in China

29 June 2020

Consumer confidence in China, like most markets, has been shaken as a result of Covid-19. China is at least two months ahead of most of Europe in the re-opening phase and can provide valuable learnings on how consumer behaviour may change. In big cities such as Shanghai, we are seeing a return to normal in many foodservice outlets and bars. Most food service outlets and food courts are operating without social distancing measures and in some cases, social distancing appears to be a distant memory. This FoodAlert will share examples of how the post-Covid-19 “new normal” is emerging in both the retail and foodservice channels in China and conclude with the implications for “Brand Ireland”.

The Battle for the last Dirham: Restaurants, Delivery Services and COVID-19

29 June 2020

As the takeaway culture continues in the UAE and in particular Dubai, restaurants are beginning to rise up and take on delivery services for every last dirham. There is little doubt that foodservice has suffered heavy casualties as a result of COVID-19. As restaurants struggle to cope with lost income streams resulting from the lockdown, there has been heavy reliance on delivery to off-set reductions in the bottom line in whatever way possible.

Fresh Produce Centre Plate

29 June 2020

Back in Mid March when the restrictions brought about by COVID-19 were being rolled out and people were confined to their own homes and local areas we saw how the shopping behaviour of consumers evolved in this unique situation with a renewed focus on staple products such as meat, potatoes & vegetables and a great interest in home baking and cooking with the demand for flour and cooking ingredients at a premium. At that time the fresh produce sector reported a significant upsurge in demand for potatoes, fruits and vegetables by up to 20% particularly for certain lines in the early weeks of the lockdown.

Covid-19 and Dairy - Is the Milk Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

29 June 2020

As Covid-19 restrictions are gradually easing, we are all adjusting to a ‘new normal’. Irish dairy companies can use this as an opportunity to address the emerging needs of the post-Covid dairy consumer, who will be looking for health and comfort in the impending recession. Dairy will be reappraised as a nutritious, indulgent and affordable staple. (Mintel, 2020)

That certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ – explaining France’s lockdown retail trends

29 June 2020

Since France entered into ‘phase 3’ of the Coronavirus pandemic on March 17th, no industry has been left unaffected by the changes and restrictions imposed. While foodservice establishments have been forced to close, food retailers, on the other hand, have continued to serve their customers. As new trends have begun to emerge, retailers have had to react quickly and adapt their offering to reflect these altered behaviours.

Minis for Millennials: Spirits Brands in China are Using Market Trends to Attract Younger Consumers

22 June 2020

China is the largest market for alcoholic spirits in the world, with retail volume sales at an estimated 7,486 million litres in 2019 (Mintel, 2020). In recent years, purchasing power has been shifting to younger generations (Euromonitor, 2019), making innovation a key growth driver for the category (Mintel, 2019). With China’s increasingly ageing population, brand owners need to think about how they can capture the attention of this consumer group (Mintel, 2019), who are more diverse in their brand loyalty than the generations who came before them (Euromonitor, 2019).

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Brexit Food Alerts

The latest Brexit news

Brexit Update: 11th June 2020

15 June 2020

Bord Bia this week hosted it’s Preparing for Brexit – New UK Global Tariff Schedule webinar, with Carol Lynch and David Savage from BDO, focusing on the recently announced UK Global Tariff Schedule as well as the Northern Ireland Protocol. This webinar aims to help companies prepare for the end of the transition period and provides practical advice on basic principles and requirements of customs, tariffs and all things Brexit. BDO also presented their 10 Step Plan for preparing your business for Brexit which can be found here.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 28th February 2020

28 February 2020

The UK Government has published its Approach to Negotiations which was presented to Parliament on Thursday. This consists of a 32 page document in three main parts: A Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), “Other” Agreements, and Technical and other processes beyond the scope of the future relationship negotiations.

Brexit Update: 14th February 2020

14 February 2020

Gove address the reality of customs declarations and checks from the 1st January 2021 The UK’s Provision Trade Federation (PTF) this week released a statement that they are seeking further clarification as a matter of urgency after Michael Gove delivered a message to a meeting of the Border Delivery Group stating that at the end of the year the UK would be outside the single market and the customs union.

Brexit Update: 7th February 2020

07 February 2020

Ibec held a webinar last week in light of the UK’s exit from the EU and how this may affect trade policies in the future. They discussed in detail the trade priorities for the EU commission including:

Product Innovation

German based Hellofresh continues to grow

02 February 2018

Hellofresh, a meal-kit delivery company which was established in Berlin in 2011 has experienced year-on-year growth since then. Hellofresh now has approximately 1.5m customers globally with 2,000 employees worldwide.

Death of hypermarkets? How did Carrefour Poland achieve over 5% growth in a declining market?

06 April 2018

Poland is still very fragmented, and one of the most competitive retail markets in Europe. Euromonitor reports that the grocery retail market grows at 4.2% (2017).

Building Enduring Brands

24 May 2019

The second Brand Forum meeting of 2019 took place in the now familiar RDS Minerva Suite and featured speakers who at first glance appeared to have little in common; Tom Stancliffe and Guy Hacking; two of the co-founders of Tribe a young digitally inspired food start up making a range of performance nutrition products from London and Kelly Rafferty Vice President for Global Marketing Capability from Kellogg’s, the venerable one hundred and thirteen year old food behemoth from Battle Creek Michigan.

Augmented Reality – The future is now

26 April 2019

Augmented Reality is no longer a concept of the future, it is now part of the day to day. Social media platforms and mobile gaming applications, such as Snapchat and Pokémon Go, have made AR more accessible than ever before.

Market Watch

Ten characteristics of a good food market

09 May 2014

In the development of Bord Bia’s recently published ‘Guide to Food Markets in Ireland’, research was undertaken with stall holders and market managers and organizers in Ireland as well as identifying international best practice to define what factors are critical and common to successful food markets.

Lactose-Free Continues to Grow in Spain

22 June 2018

The market for lactose-free products in many countries across Europe remains highly under-represented and for many lactose-intolerant consumers, products catering to their dietary needs can still be difficult to come across. The Spanish market however is one of the exceptions to this trend as growth in recent years has outperformed all but one other European country.

Spain – Highest Seafood Consumption in the EU

05 May 2017

According to a Eurobarometer data report on "Habits of consumption of fish and aquaculture products" by Kantar TNS for the European Commission, 3 out of 4 Spaniards aged 15 and over consume fish or fish products at least once a week at home.

The Spanish Livestock Trade

23 November 2017

Spain, with a total bovine herd of 6.18m heads, (of which 1.9m are suckler cows and 0.84m are dairy cows), and a production of 640,000tn of beef, is a relevant cattle importer (nearly 584,000 heads in 2016) both for its beef industry but more recently it has also started playing an important role as a livestock exporter to third countries.

Consumer Insight Food Alerts

Alcohol Trends 2018

27 July 2018

A snapshot of some of the latest alcohol trends highlighted at the recent Imbibe Live event in London (Stylus, 2018).

More Consumer Insights Food Alerts

Irish Coffee Culture Continues to Grow

01 July 2016

Coffee has been a growing phenomenon among Irish consumers in recent years with 75% of Irish consumers stating they drink coffee, and seven in ten drinking more than one cup a day.

More Consumer Insights Food Alerts

Consumer Lifestyle Trends: Busy Lives

01 July 2017

Coffee has been a growing phenomenon among Irish consumers in recent years with 75% of Irish consumers stating they drink coffee, and seven in ten drinking more than one cup a day.

More Consumer Insights Food Alerts

Snackification and healthy snacking trends gather momentum

23 February 2018

Global trends in food and drink indicate that today’s consumers are becoming more conscious about making healthy food choices with four in ten US and UK consumers increasing their consumption of healthy foods.

More Consumer Insights Food Alerts

Retail and Food Services Developments

The Rise of Private Brands

07 June 2019

Traditionally, private labels have been used to give retailers, such as Aldi, Amazon, and Tesco, increased control over product marketing, distribution, and sales. Now these organizations are converting these labels into premium brands...

Food to Go is Going in the Right Direction

24 May 2019

In Ireland, the F2G channel is set to grow at 5.2% CAGR over the next three years, over and above the healthy compound growth forecast for the wider foodservice market of 4.4%.

Blurring Food Channels - What’s Not On The Menu?

23 November 2018

Experience driven consumers are driving the changing face of foodservice. In Bord Bia’s new foodservice report, entertainment is increasingly valued by consumers and willingness to pay premium prices for something “unique and different” is in no short supply.

Retail Gardening: Swedish retailers are starting to grow herbs under their stores

06 December 2018

As Ron Finley once said in his Ted Talk on Gorilla Gardening - “To Grow your own food is like printing your own money”