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FitzGerald Nurseries

Company Name: FitzGerald Nurseries Ltd
Company Address: Oldtown Stoneyford Co Kilkenny, Ireland
Primary Contact: Pat Fitzgerald
Tel No:  00 353 56 7728418
Fax No: 00 353 56 7728481
Email: sales@fitzgerald-nurseries.com
Website: www.fitzgerald-nurseries.com

Company Profile:

Established in 1990 to produce young plants of conifers and shrubs.  The business has grown steadily and now has a capacity to produce 1.5 million liners and  2.5 million plug rooted cuttings per nursery rotation. The nursery has 20 staff and one exclusive contract grower. Production is carried out using 2.25 acres of glasshouse and 3.5 acres of poly-houses.  The nursery began development of tissue culture weaning in 1999. It now produces approximately 1,250,000 plugs from tissue culture in addition to its conventional production. FitzGerald Nurseries Ltd produces many new and novel varieties and undertakes work on new and difficult to propagate varieties in conjunction with FitzGerald’s own laboratory which employs 16 people and exports stage 3 tissue culture plants worldwide. The company has an export range which includes Cordyline, Yucca, Phormium, Ophiopogon, Carex, Uncinia Fasicularia and other hardy garden / patio plants in P9 pots and in plugs.  FitzGerald Nurseries Ltd has the ability and expertise to produce large numbers of specific lines and meet customer specifications for uniformity.  The company also has many of its own breeding lines registered worldwide though licensing agents. FitzGerald Nurseries also represents a wide list of breeder varieties on an exclusive basis and has established its own R&D unit for new product development on the nursery and at its laboratory. The company will exhibit at IPM Essen, Salon du Vegetal, Bloom and Plantarium in 2009 and will have a full listing and examples of its export garden/ patio plants for 2009.  During 2008 the company won Best Plant award at IPM Essen for its Phormium Black Adder and for the new MyPlant brand won Press Prize at Plantarium in Boskoop. In 2009 the company again won Best Plant award at IPM Essen.

Export Product Range:

Cordyline, Libertia, Ceanothus, Phormium, Yucca, Ophiopogon Carex, Hakenocloa, Choisya, Ceanothus, Kniphofia, Dierama, Fascicularia, Musa, Ensete Colocasia, Canna, Agapanthus

Full listing by mail on request.