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AgDIf Masterclass Series

AgDIf Webinar ‘The Role Cognitive Diversity Plays in Helping Your Business Thrive’

Cognitive Diversity is the term which describes the differing behaviours, experiences and expertise that individuals bring to a group. Hear from Adam Harris, Founder & CEO of AsIAm, on the importance of diversity in the workplace. John Jordan also shares his perspectives on how cognitive diversity has made a difference at Ornua.

AgDIf Webinar ‘A Spotlight on Inclusion in a Time of Crisis’

Hear more from the latest AgDIf industry pulse survey report and the industry learnings and insights which have emerged.  Hear from industry experts on how you can empower your business to engage in the diversity and inclusion agenda, even in the time of Covid- 19.

Previous Masterclasses

Ag Dif runs a series of masterclasses focusing on educating and supporting industry around various D&I areas. We have previously run three Masterclasses:

The first looked at the area of Growing your Talent Pool, our second masterclass focused on creating a culture of flexible working and our third focused on overcoming recruitment challenges