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Create your own Stone Markers

Stone Markers

Another creative and fun activity to do with your kids in the garden is to paint colourful stone markers to help identify your garden plants and flowers. This is also a great way to get your kids familiar with what you grow in the garden so they can learn to do it themselves someday. Smooth stones or pebbles that you can collect from a nearby beach will work best.

How To: 

When choosing paint, make sure to go for outdoor pain that is specifically formulated for outdoor projects. Obviously, some plants will require a larger stone because of the number of letters in their name, so it’s a good idea to plan that ahead of time.

Try not to paint the bottoms as this will be sitting in the soil. To write the names on the stones, use a permanent marker. Allow the rocks to dry after you’ve designed them with your personal touch and then apply a clear coat to further protect them from the weather.