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How to Make Eco-Friendly Tube Planters

Tube Planters

Did you know that you can upcycle toilet paper rolls into miniature planters for your garden? Or cardboard egg cartons? Since you can plant both, it makes it easier to transplant seedlings without disturbing the roots. Visit your local garden centre to pick out a few seed packets (tomatoes, carrots, beetroot) and grab a small bag of sterile seed starting soil.

Growing Steps

All plants will have a different degree of shade tolerance, some will have no tolerance but others love the shade and prefer it to the light. Woodlands are an excellent example of an area that has strong shade but is still full of life. Most plants wont tolerate constant deep shade, however there are a lot of plants who love shaded and moist spots. Here is a guide to the types of garden shade:

  1. To get started, cut open the egg carton bottom and top – you’ll be using the bottom tray where the eggs normally sit. Using a knife punch small holes in each of the wells to help promote drainage and allow the shoots to spurt when they’re older.
  2. Now get your 'little growers’ to fill each well with seed starting mix.
  3. And then put a few seeds in each well followed by a light dusting of soil and water.
  4. Place the carton on top of a heated surface until they germinate – the fridge top is always a good spot. Once they have germinated, put them in the sunniest window in your house. Once they start showing ‘true leaves’ they can be potted up!