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About the Bord Bia Quality Mark

We believe that small steps and simple changes can go a long way to improve your diet. Lean red meat is a power pack of nutrients, and makes an important contribution to the diet as it is such a rich source of nutrients. The Food Pyramid from the Department of Health is a great way to see where meat fits into a healthy balanced diet, for more information see - safefood.eu.

Promotion of agricultural products by Bord Bia

In accordance with Section 1.3.2 of the European Union Guidelines for State Aid in the agricultural and forestry sectors (OJ C 204 of 1 July 2014), Bord Bia will carry out a number of promotion activities of agricultural products in the period 2017 – 2020. The promotion campaigns, to take place in Ireland, other Member States and in Third Countries, will be designed to inform the public about the characteristics of agricultural products, for example, by organising competitions, by participating in trade fairs and public relations activities, by the vulgarisation of scientific knowledge, or by publications with factual information or to encourage economic operators or consumers to buy the agricultural product in question by way of promotion campaigns. (Article 454 of the Guidelines).

The main focus of the campaigns will be on Annex 1 products covered by national quality schemes, including farm certification schemes, as referred to at 282 of the Guidelines mentioned above. Bord Bia will undertake promotions for beef, pigmeat, sheepmeat, poultry, dairy, horticulture products and eggs that carry the quality logos under the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Schemes. Some generic promotions of agricultural products will also take place, mainly concerning horticultural products.

Quality Assurance Logos

Bord Bia has developed a number of Logos to promote the Quality Assurance Schemes to the consumer. While the use of the applicable Logo(s) is not an obligatory part of membership, it/they can only be used on product by members of Bord Bia Quality Assurance Schemes. Where a Logo is to be used on product, all links in the production of the finished product must be QAS members. For example, in the Beef Quality Assurance Scheme (BQAS) the farmer, the abattoir and processing plant must all be members of BQAS in order for the meat at retail outlets to carry the Logo. For horticultural produce, the grower and packer (and processor for prepared fruit & vegetables) must be members of the Horticulture Quality Assurance Scheme (HQAS). Although retailers are not members of Bord Bia’s QASs they may use the Logos for promotion and marketing purposes in accordance with the conditions set out by Bord Bia. 
See the full set of logos.

Eligible Costs

In conformity with 464 of the Guidelines, the eligible costs will include the costs associated with disseminating scientific knowledge and factual information on quality schemes. Eligible costs will also cover consumer targeted promotions organised in the media (print, broadcast and online) as well as for promotion materials distributed directly to consumers. Specifically, expenditure will take place on the following elements:

  • Market Research specifically relating to: consumer attitudes; advertising concepts and evaluation of the effectiveness of the advertising
  • design and production of print and broadcast (TV and radio) and Internet advertising
  • purchasing of media space
  • development of websites
  • printing of posters, leaflets, point of sale materials, consumer competitions, cookery demonstrations, in store tastings
  • logo development and on-pack labelling of quality schemes
  • Aid will not include direct payment to any beneficiary but will be paid to the provider of the promotion measure e.g advertising agencies, media buyers, design agencies etc. (462 of the Guidelines).