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Grow Guide: Tree Tips

Trees provide height, substance, year-round beauty and a sense of permanence in a garden. Plant at least one tree even in the smallest garden, and with modern ‘dwarfing rootstocks’ there are lots of trees suitable for small spaces and even for growing in large planters.

Trees are suitable for small gardens and are a great investment to provide year-round interest. Here are just a few, ( Check with your GroMór expert who can advise you on what is suitable for your space. Find your nearest local garden centre here.)


Birch (Betula):

There are a number of different Birch trees available with interesting bark colour. May grow tall but does not cast heavy shade.

Crab apple (Malus - many species):

White, pink or red flowers in spring and some (e.g. M. ‘John Downie’) also have attractive fruits in autumn.

Flowering cherry, plum, almond (Prunus - many species):

An enormous group of plants providing flowers from early winter to late spring – as for advice from your GroMór expert.

Hawthorn – ‘Paul’s Scarlett’ (Crataegus – Paul’s Scarlett):

A great variety for smaller gardens, attractive flowers, fruit and good autumn colour.

June Berry or Snowy Mespilus (Amelanchier canadenis):

Graceful, small tree noted for white flowers in spring and rich autumn colour.

Laburnum (Laburnum ‘Vossii’):

Beautiful yellow flower heads in spring, up to 60 cm in length. NOTE: Seeds are poisonous.