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Types of Markets

Want to know the difference between a Farmer’s Market a Cottage market a Country Market and a Neighbour Food Market?


Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets, or sometimes called a Producers Market will be a place where the farmer or maker comes to sell their own produce, these markets are most generally focussed on food. As a customer, you pay the stallholder directly for the produce that you purchase. The markets may be privately, co-operatively or community organised or facilitated by local councils.

farmers market banner.png

Country Markets

Country Markets Ltd has been in existence for over 70 years and is a cooperative. It has about 800 producers/members around the country. Markets are held indoors in community venues and many have tea and coffee corners onsite. The produce available is all made, baked, or grown at home by the members.  Local crafts are also available. There are more than 40 country markets across Ireland. Here, you fill your basket and pay at a central point.


Cottage Markets

Cottage Markets are focussed on promoting grassroots “micro” community enterprise. Largely based in rural communities these markets highly value a ‘support local’ ethos, with traders and customers alike living in the immediate area. The idea is that anyone who has produce to sell in their community has an outlet and that communities can come together to facilitate this. Craft is a significant focus along with homegrown and homemade foods.


Neighbour Food Market

Neighbour Food Markets are a recent category, set up in 2018. Here you find and join a local market online and also place your order online. All the products listed are grown or produced by local farmers or artisan producers. The producers, farmers, and growers collectively put your order together for collection at a central point in the community at an appointed day and time.