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Derg Farmhouse Cheese

Derg Farmhouse Cheese

Derg Farmhouse Cheese, owned by Paddy and Kay Cooney, is located in the townland of Garranmore facing Lough Derg, a few mile outside Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. They produce cheese on their own farm with fresh, raw milk from their own herd of Frisian/Jersey cows.

The Cooney family have been farming in the area for generations. The idea of making their own cheese had been at the back of Paddy’s mind from the time he was at Gurteen Agricultural College where it was presented as an alternative farm enterprise.

They are in production since 2014, producing cheddar cheese using traditional methods. It is left to mature from 9-12 months before sale. The farm is located on the Shores of Lough Derg. It is only made in summer months from milk that has been produced off grass.

Derg Cheddar

Milk type: Cow
Style: Cheddar
Flavour: Mild and creamy with a subtle cheddar acidity in finish
Paste: Hard, pale yellow paste, closed texture, with very small cracks in the paste
Rind: Plastic Coat
Age: 9-12 months
Format: Block 20kg, 250g vac pack, 150g vac pack
Rennet: Traditional
Pairings: Apple, grapes, relish
Season available: Available all year
Made with raw milk: Yes