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Grow Guide: Strawberries

Strawberries are very easy to grow and can be grown in almost any container, from hanging basket to garden. Our Irish climate usually allows strawberries to get all the sun, shelter and good soil that they need to thrive and to produce juicy fruits. Strawberries need to be kept well watered at all times and need to be sheltered from any frost, particularly at the start of Spring.

Soil Prep

Ensure that where you are planning on growing your strawberries is in a sunny part of your garden or balcony, where they won’t be harmed by too much wind. Strawberries love to grow in soil that has some organic matter in it (compost, old Christmas tree, etc) and also grow best when fertiliser is added to ensure they get all the nutrients they need for their quick growth spurt.

How to Plant

In order to plant strawberries in a raised bed, it is best to leave roughly 35cm between each plant. Make sure that the bottom of the crown of the plant is left resting on the surface. Following this, fill the hole back with the soil, making sure that the crown of the plant is not disturbed and is left soil free. Support the plant by firming the soil around the plant with your hands.


The perfect time to harvest your strawberries is on a warm day, when the berries have turned a bright red. For best taste, enjoy on the day you pick them.


In addition to eating them as a part of a fruit salad, you can also cut up your strawberries and then add some mint that has been ground together with sugar to create a refreshing dessert for a lovely end to a meal.