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Flex Your Mussels

Bord Bia’s ‘Flex your Mussels’ Campaign will be running from October 22nd to November 4th 2018. In order for this campaign to be a success Bord Bia will be running numerous activities across many channels to drive Irish Mussel sales and remind consumers how delicious and healthy they are. The campaign activities include Radio and Outdoor campaigns along with digital activity and Cookery Demonstrations on The Six O'Clock Show on Virgin Media One. You should expect demand for Mussels during this time. We would love for the restaurant trade to consider including mussels on their menu or as a ‘special’ during the promotion. Please support the campaign through your own social media channels using the hashtag #FlexYourMussels.

Bord Bia has developed A5 blackboards and tent cards which can be placed around your premises to encourage customers to choose Irish Mussels from your menu. The blackboard will have space for you to write your Mussel Specials and the tent cards will be a visual reminder to customers that Irish Mussels are available on your menu. A great eating out experience can in turn encourage consumers to incorporate mussels into their weekly meal reportoire and we are supporting the campaign with a series of simple and tasty recipes.

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Fish. Surprisingly Simple.

Fish has long been recognised as one of nature’s healthiest foods and with its rich package of nutrients it is one of the few foods that can truly be called a super-food.

Fish helps to develop a healthy body, for people of all ages, from teenagers to expectant mothers, and people of more mature years.  Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in Ireland, but people who eat fish can cut their risk of heart disease by up to 50%.

You need to eat fish at least once a week to get the full benefit for your heart. It also has other benefits for your well being, and this is why nutritionists recommend that we eat fish twice a week. This should include at least one oil-rich fish – such as mackerel, herring, trout and salmon.

Oil-rich fish is an excellent source of beneficial Omega 3 oils, which can help to prevent blood clots, keep the rhythm of your heart healthy, and may help to lower blood pressure. Fish can also help to develop healthy nervous system, eyes and skin.

Discovering the fantastic flavour and texture of fresh fish and the simple pleasure of cooking it well, is a revelation to so many people. It is also extremely versatile – in many fish dishes you can substitute one type of fish for another, such as haddock or hake, instead of cod or using trout instead of salmon. Try our selection of fabulous recipes and see that cooking with fish doesn’t have to be difficult or daunting. There’s certainly no quicker or easier dinner!

Check out our 'Fish Surprisingly Simple' recipes

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