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Nutritional Benefits of Seafood

As part of a healthy balanced diet, seafood provides the body with essential nutrients.


Take a look at 5 benefits below!



High in Protein

A 100g portion of baked fish provides an adult with about half of their daily protein requirements. All seafood is high in protein – needed to grow, develop and maintain healthy muscles.


Low in Fat

Good for your heart health!

White fish cooked without fat contains only 1% fat.


Contains Omega 3

Oily fish are an important source of omega 3 fats which are needed for healthy blood and heart health. Include oily fish in your diet up to twice a week.


High in Selenium and Iodine

Fish is high in iodine and selenium which are nutrients with important roles in the nervous system, brain function, the immune system and metabolism.


Did You Know?

Tinned fish with bones such as sardines, salmon and pilchards provide a great source of dietary calcium. Mussels are high in dietary
iron. Vary the seafood you eat for a wide range of delicious benefits!

What is the correct portion size for fish?

One serving is 100g cooked fish. To maximise the health benefits of seafood, include wholegrains and a plentiful variety of fruits and vegetables at the same meal.