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Key Takeaways 

  1. There has been a recent escalation of interest in sustainability in Poland and it appears to be having an increased influence on food and drink choices there. As such, it represents an opportunity for food and drink producers, but the emphasis is on the food producers more than any other stakeholder to make food and drink more sustainable, meaning opportunity for exporters from Ireland to stand out. ​

  2. Sustainability is considered to be principally associated with respect for the planet, but in addition to this, there is an emphasis on naturalness, organic production and broader health, wellness and nutrition in Poland. 3 in 4 say sustainably-produced products are better for your health. ​

  3. In this context the critical influencers on choice when it comes to food and drink in Poland should focus on reassurance regarding “natural” credentials and minimal additives delivering superior health and nutrition. ​

  4. If exporting to Poland, call out the natural credentials of your product for maximum effect. Packaging, food waste and other aspects of sustainability register, but not to the same extent at this point as we see in other markets.


Of consumers say organic influences their grocery shopping, more than in any other country


Believe food producers are responsible for making food and drink more sustainable, much more than farmers who are ranked #2​

80%​ of Polish consumers claim

it will become more important to them to limit their consumption of artificial additives in the next 3 years

.....far above any other market

Priority Sectors

  1. Among the most influential drivers of choice when it comes to beef include minimising antibiotic usage and “naturalness”; these are the features that they are willing to pay more for. As such, grass-fed, which taps into the desire for naturalness, can resonate.  This carries through to pork also, with similar priorities emerging.


Of Polish beef buyers are willing to pay a premium for beef that minimises antibiotic use, only behind quality assurance as a premium-driving attribute

Prioritisation Graphs 

The graphs display which sustainability attributes consumers find most appealing and are most willing to pay a premium for in the priority categories. The horizontal axis is based on the overall appeal of this sustainability measure in this sector, the vertical axis shows the extent to which people would be willing to pay more for this benefit. 

Hover over each datapoint for more information and navigate to other categories by clicking the right or left arrow on the navigation bar below each graph.