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Key Takeaways

  1. As a leading market when it comes to sustainability, its influence on shoppers overall (in line with Ireland) is relatively lower, when compared to other influencers like price, health and enjoyment.​

  2. British shoppers know that more must be done on sustainability. However, the cost of more sustainable produce is a major barrier, with 7 in 10 saying cost is a factor that limits their ability to make more sustainable grocery shopping choices. Communicating on the value of sustainability is key globally to ensure your brand can achieve a premium.​

  3. Likewise, we see that in a global context, British shoppers are somewhat less scrutinous of sustainability credentials in food and drink, all the more reason to communicate effectively. Packaging can do this in a strong way. ​

  4. Just behind Britain, Ireland is considered an origin with strong sustainability credentials, with a strong sustainability story to tell, just ahead of New Zealand.


Of all grocery shoppers say animal welfare standards have an influence on their grocery shopping, more than any other attribute


Of all grocery shoppers say that “everyone needs to do their bit to make more sustainable choices”

37%​ of PCF buyers say that

sustainable packaging has an influence on their choice, ahead of any other sustainability attribute​

​ Priority Sectors

  1. Food waste and packaging are top of mind dimensions of sustainability in Great Britain. Across all categories, animal welfare is also an important grocery influencer. ​

  2. In this context the critical sustainability drivers of choice for beef and dairy include high animal welfare standards, grass-fed and quality assurance. For PCF consumers, the priority is placed on packaging and food waste. For seafood, MSC certification and “wild” sourcing are top of the list of influences alongside quality assurance. ​


Of beef consumers are willing to pay a premium for beef with high animal welfare standards, ahead of any other attribute​


Prioritisation Graphs 

The graphs display which sustainability attributes consumers find most appealing and are most willing to pay a premium for in the priority categories. The horizontal axis is based on the overall appeal of this sustainability measure in this sector, the vertical axis shows the extent to which people would be willing to pay more for this benefit. 

Hover over each datapoint for more information and navigate to other categories by clicking the right or left arrow on the navigation bar below each graph.