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Active Lifestyles

Active Lifestyles

Whatever the activity, a good diet helps with performance and recovery. Protein provides the building blocks for muscles so power up your diet with lean red meat and eggs!

Here are 10 Top Tips for a Healthy Active Lifestyle:

1. The Power of Protein. Good diet and regular activity are important to maintain our muscles and so too is regular intake of protein. Protein foods should be included at every meal of the day.

2. Importance of Iron. Low levels of Iron can lead to tiredness and sluggishness, which is why it is so important in when leading  an active life. Iron in meat and eggs is up to 7 times more easily absorbed than iron from most other foods. This Butterfly Leg of Lamb recipe contains 6.3 mg per serving.

3. Vitamins and Minerals. B Group Vitamins are of huge importance for healthy blood formation and energy release from food. Include foods such as red meat and eggs to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need.

4. Healthy Immune System. Zinc is needed for a healthy immune system, wound healing and bone health, which are of huge importance in order to lead an active life. Red meat is also a great source of Zinc!

5. Choose Low Fat. Lean red meat provides a wide range of nutrients, without contributing to excess fat. Unlike other foods, fat in meat is visible and can be trimmed away, making it the ideal low-fat option. Always choose the leanest option when buying minced meat.

6. Sports Recovery. Protein and Iron are an essential part of recovery after intense exercise or sports. Once again, red meat and eggs are key!

7. Iron in Childhood. Many Children don't get enough dietary iron. Iron is especially important for children for brain function and development. If a child finds meat hard to chew, include mince meat in their diet as an alternative.

8. Active Ageing. As we become older, our muscles change and it becomes harder to build new muscle. This is why it's important to maintain the muscle by using them each day and fueling them with high protein foods!

9. Low Salt. Many children and adults are eating too much salt, choose pork and eggs as these are naturally low in salt.

10. Vitamin D is key. Most people in Ireland are not getting enough vitamin D. This is why it is important to include foods such as eggs, cheese and oily fish in our diet.

The Food Pyramid

Healthy eating is essential for good health and is achieved by eating a balanced diet. To ensure your body gets all the nutrients it requires you should combine a variety of foods from each of the main food groups.

The following foods should make up the majority of a balanced diet:

  1. Fruit & Veg. Make sure to include lots of colour on the plate by choosing bright coloured fruit and vegetables. Not only are these filling and low in calories, but they also provide many vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals which have a huge range of health benefits.
  2. Wholegrain Foods. The best carbohydrates are the ones higher in Fibre. Choose high fibre and low sugar breakfast cereals, wholemeal and wholegrain bread, rolls and wraps, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and potatoes with their skins.
  3. Dairy. If you are watching your weight choose low-fat dairy produce as they contain the same calcium content as higher fat versions.
  4. Protein Foods. Choose lean meat, skinless chicken, fish, eggs, peas and beans for at least 2 of your daily meals

The content in this section is taken and/or adapted from accredited and reputable sources for nutritional and health information such as the HSE, INDI, SafeFood and FSAI

Top 5 Recipes to lead a Healthy Active Life: