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Cholesterol and you

Are you confused about cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fatty substance which is found in the blood. A certain amount of it is needed for normal body function. However, too much is bad for your heart and blood vessels.

Most of the cholesterol in your body is produced by you, not by foods containing cholesterol. However, blood cholesterol levels can become elevated if you eat too many foods high in saturated fat.

Lean red meat is low in fat. About half the fat in lean red meat is unsaturated fat which is better for your heart.

Research shows that lean red meat is a as effective as chicken in maintaining cholesterol levels.

If you are concerned about your cholesterol level it is important to watch your saturated fat intake.

Practical tips...to reduce your fat intake

  • Choose lean meat and trim off visible fat
  • Avoid fried food and high fat snacks e.g. cakes, biscuits, crisps
  • Use butter and spreads sparingly, try lower fat alternatives
  • Use low fat cooking methods e.g. grill, roast, boil, microwave.

 Lean red meat is...

  • Low in fat
  • High in iron
  • A good source of vitamin A, the B group vitamins, zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium and phosphate.
  • Fresh mat is also low in salt.

'Try to include lean red meat in your diet three to four times a week.'

 To keep your heart healthy

  • Be active
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables
  • Eat less high fat foods
  • Use low fat cooking methods
  • Try to be a healthy weight
  • Do not smoke
  • Cut back on salt.

Did you know?

  • Lean red meat is low in fat and can contribute to a healthy balanced diet.
  • The fat content of lean red meat is similar to that of white chicken meat.
  • Unlike most other foods, almost all the fat in meat is visible and can be trimmed away, making it naturally low in fat.
  • The fat found in meat is a mixture of different types of fat.