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Nutritional Benefits of Ham & Bacon

As part of a healthy balanced diet, ham and bacon provides the body with essential nutrients.


Take a look at 5 benefits below!




High in Protein

An average portion of bacon contains half of the protein that an adult needs in a day! All ages need protein to grow, develop and maintain healthy muscles.


Keep it Lean

Trim off the fat to make it a lean choice for those watching their weight or cholesterol!

Lean ham has 5% fat and less than half of this saturated.


High in Vitamins

Bacon and ham are high in several of the B group vitamins needed for a healthy body, especially for energy metabolism and brain function.


Contains Minerals

They are a source of zinc and the most easily absorbed form of dietary iron, both important in immune function.


Very Versatile

Bacon and ham are enormously versatile. Add to sandwiches, salads, pizza, baked potatoes, omelettes, pasta, soups, stews and vegetables for quick and easy mealtime solutions.


What is the correct portion size for ham and bacon?

One serving is 50-75g cooked lean meat – approximately half the size of the palm of your hand. To maximise the health benefits of meat, include wholegrains and a plentiful variety of fruits and vegetables at the same meal.