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Rooster Potatoes

The Rooster has a distinctive coloured skin. It's dark pink or red as opposed to the more common tan or brown coloured skin of many other varieties. Once you peel it however, the Rooster’s flesh is a yellow colour like any other potato. It’s often mistaken for the Desiree potato because it’s pretty similar in colour and appearance. You can tell them apart because the Rooster has a deeper coloured red skin and has deeper set eyes or indentations on the skin.

Rich in carbohydrates, Rooster potatoes are a fantastic fuel for our working bodies. Unadulterated and unprocessed, they are one of the best and most delicious sources of starchy energy in our diets. Roosters also contain some protein, little or no fat and have almost twice the amount of fibre as the same amount of brown rice. They are also a source of potassium, important for a healthy blood pressure and contribute a significant amount of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant and important for immune health.

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