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Doing Business with GB Video Series

With the practical impact of Brexit on trade with our nearest neighbour becoming more apparent, Bord Bia have worked together with BDO (with the support of Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine & The Office of the Revenue Commissioners) to develop a comprehensive set of videos - Doing Business with GB - to help Irish food, drink & horticulture companies navigate this new trading environment.

These short videos provide detailed information on what Brexit means for Irish food producers in practical terms, when importing from, or exporting to, GB.  These videos will be updated as further clarification emerges.

On 15 December 2021, the UK Government announced that the new UK customs and SPS import requirements which were due to apply to imports to Great Britain from 1 January 2022 have been postponed in respect of imports of goods from Ireland. The full UK Government statement on this can be accessed here.

This announcement means that the current arrangements for importing goods to Britain from Ireland will now continue to apply after 1 January 2022 and until the UK Government provides further information.

Please note that the videos below will be updated when further information on new timelines have been announced by the UK Government.

For information on how these changes impact Irish agri-food products please visit Gov.ie here.


SPS Imports from GB to ROI

Marie Farrell talks through Customs Declaration & commercial documents. Highlighting the SPS requirements for imports from Great Britain to the Republic of Ireland.

Sanitary & Phytosanitary Controls

The purpose of this video is to explain Sanitary & Phytosanitary that is the SPS requirements for goods entering the European Union from 3rd countries. 

SPS Exports from ROI to GB

This video highlights the key dates for the introduction of SPS requirements on agri-food imports into Great Britain in 2022.

Bord Bia Introduction video: ‘Doing Business in GB’

Donal Denvir introduces the 'Doing Business in Great Britain video series.

Understanding what Brexit means for your business

An important video to help in understanding what Brexit means for your business and how trade has been affected.

Understanding importing post Brexit

Now that Ireland's largest import partner the U.K, have left the EU, importing is something that Irish companies need to become familiar with.

Understanding exporting post Brexit

An important overview of exporting from Ireland & importing into Great Britain.

Supply chain

Carol Lynch provides a presentation on how to review your supply chain, to identify the impact of Brexit.

Incoterms – Who does what in the Supply chain?

Trevor Dempsey provides an update on International Commerical Terms, defining the responsibilities of sellers and buyers.

Commodity Codes

Dr. David Savage speaks about Customs Classification, a key compliance step when trading goods internationally.

Origin and using the EU-UK Free Trade Agreement

Dr. David Savage talks about a fundamental element of customs compliance, Origin.


Customs Documentation

Sanja Novak speaks about documents required for customs clearance, highlighting a customs declaration and other relevant documents.

Customs Compliance - Auditing an import declaration

Sanja Novak discusses Customs Compliance and the steps traders can take to check their compliance.

The role of Customs Clearance Agents

This video talks about The Role of Customs Clearance Agents and the Advantage of using a Customs Agent.