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Marketing Fellowship

Grow your Business Abroad

Maximise your resources with a Bord Bia Marketing Fellowship Project


Connect your business with the future leaders of the food and drink industry.

Bord Bia’s MSc Marketing Fellowship attracts experienced and top-performing graduates capable of growing your business in overseas markets.

Under the guidance of Bord Bia and UCD Smurfit Business School, Bord Bia Fellows can carry out a wide range of business development and marketing tasks for your business. This is your opportunity to access talented future leaders to help you reach your strategic goals.

Keep reading to see how it all works

Five Reasons to work with Bord Bia Fellows:

  • Valuable feet on the street to represent your business.
  • Fellows are highly-skilled, with 2-3 years post-graduate experience.
  • The placement is complemented by a wide range of services for your business.
  • Fellows are fluent in their market language and market culture.
  • Proven track record of success, contributing to €250m in export sales to date.

Meet MSc International Marketing Practice Graduate Emma Cahill

Bord Bia Marketing Fellowship

Marketing Fellowship Details

The Marketing Fellowship project is a partnership between your business, Bord Bia, Smurfit Business School and your allocated Fellow. Fellowship students have the proven ability to deliver increased business results in response to mentorship and support. Fellows who are provided with sufficient guidance are better able to represent your business in-market. Below are our expectations of you as a mentor. There's a wide range of activities the Fellow can carry out in market and they can be viewed below.

There are two different cost offerings when it comes to the type of project you wish to choose.

  • 1. Major Project - you are allocated 50% of the students time in market at a cost of €10,000
  • 2. Standard Project - you are allocated 20% of the students time in market at a cost of €4,000

Students are paid a bursary towards their living and accommodation costs during the programme. Flights, laptop and other expenses are also covered by Bord Bia. Client companies are only responsible for limited costs associated with non-local travel for assignment work in- market, as deemed necessary by the client, for example trade fair attendance, or buyer meetings, and travel/ accommodation for visiting the client’s offices in Ireland during block release/induction.


As a mentor to the Fellow you will be expected to:

  • Have regular contact with the Fellow and provide time and support while they are in market.
  • Fully brief the Fellow on your business and project aims prior to leaving for market.
  • Ensure the Fellow spends at least one working week with you on site at your business.
  • Ensure that the student has access to relevant company information and contacts.
  • Bord Bia and UCD reserve the right to terminate the assignment at any time during the programme, if it is believed that the assignment is no longer viable. And if the fellow is not receiving necessary support.
  • Provide reasonable out of pocket expenses (e.g. travel and accommodation if required) to be agreed with the student at the outset of the project.
  • Project objectives may evolve during the project and need to be agreed by all parties.
  • Confidentiality - If required, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be signed in advance of the student starting the project.
  • Fellows are required to submit a written report and to make a presentation of findings to their client at the conclusion of the project.

This is a selection of activities our Fellow complete:

  • Development of a market overview.
  • Development of a competitor analysis.
  • Market entry strategy.
  • Identification of opportunities within your priority route(s)-to-market.
  • Wholesaler/distributor/agent profiling.
  • Prospective buyer/sales lead generation.
  • Preparation of a presentation for delivery to prospective buyers.
  • Contact with prospective buyers (sales cold calling, etc.).
  • Trade show attendance.
  • In-store taste testing.
  • Provision of information and samples to prospective buyers.
  • Liaising with local agencies.
  • Investigation of import duties, regulations, packaging issues, etc.
  • Work with/support existing wholesaler/distributor/agent
  • Store audits.

And many, many more!

Register your Interest

To register your interest for the next Marketing Fellowship intake please email Tom Tully using the email address Tom.Tully@BordBia.ie