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Commercial Marketing Strategy

What is Commercial Marketing Strategy?

Commercial Marketing Strategy is about making choices to drive profitable growth across channels, categories, customers and consumers to deliver on business objectives. Over these pages, we will guide you on the key considerations needed to develop a winning strategy for your business and how to successfully implement one. It all starts with your decisions around the key principles of ‘Where to Play’ and ‘How to Win’. Engaging with these pages will enable you to make the right decisions in the right way for your business, whatever its size, sector or channel. 

In this video, we introduce Bord Bia’s Commercial Marketing Strategy service, with input and perspectives from Irish industry about how it works and why it’s important.


Bord Bia Team Support

Bord Bia has developed this content based on international best practice and has presented it in a format relevant to our industry. For further information on supports available to Bord Bia client companies, dependent on business stage, contact our Client Capability Team.


Key stages of Commercial Marketing Strategy

The information we have presented is divided into two main stages outlined below. ‘Where to Play & How to Win explores the development of a strategy that is built on research, evidence and insight to deliver on your ambitions for the business. ‘What to Do & Doing it Well’ looks at the implementation of your strategy and careful planning to ensure that the right actions are taken by your business and are executed well to deliver success.

Stage 1: Development

This phase will help you to understand your business vision, purpose and commercial objectives; where your market is heading and what the implications for your business are; making choices about which category, channel, customer, consumer, product and geographies to prioritise, as well as how to target a group of people (consumers and/or customers) with specific needs at specific occasions, using a compelling value proposition and an experience that is delivered using elements of the marketing mix

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Stage 2: Implementation

In this phase, you will learn how to convert commercial marketing strategies into growth-driving activities and plans for customers and consumers, as well as how to execute with excellence and measure your success

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