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Future Proofing as we Navigate Change


Bord Bia will make every effort to address the immediate industry challenges of Covid-19 and equip the food and drinks sector to navigate the economic impact.  To do this, we must focus on learning quickly from this crisis and adequately equipping our members and stakeholders to adapt for now and evolve for the future.

In time, when the immediate and severe impacts of Covid-19 have abated, food and drink companies must start planning for a post Covid-19 future. This is a key aspect of Navigating Change and Bord Bia will provide member companies with the specific supports throughout this crisis – bespoke to each phase so they can adapt to new market conditions; recover and reset.

There are many unknowns in relation to the world after Covid-19 and how it will emerge, both economically and societally. This will be influenced by whether this is a “one-off” or a recurring phenomenon, the duration of the pandemic, and the legacy it leaves in its wake.

To address this uncertainty, and as businesses begin to emerge from the immediate crisis and plan ahead, Bord Bia will provide business with vital resources and insights including;


Market Insights


Readiness Radar

As Irish businesses tackle the immediate challenges of the global pandemic and looks to compete in a new and different post-COVID-19 world, it's never been more timely to measure risk on a wider scale. For this reason, Bord Bia invites you to complete the 2020 Readiness Radar. This will help you understand the inter-related risks facing your company, including COVID-19 and other issues. It will help you monitor your company's current preparedness for those key risks and understand the actions that need to be taken. To complete the survey, follow this link. It should take you 30 minutes to complete.

Future Proofing Toolkits

Future Proofing is core to our COVID-19 response plan at Bord Bia. By downloading one of our toolkits, you've taken the first step in beginning you business' plans for a successful post COVID-19 future. 

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