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Bord Bia is an organisation that is well equipped to respond to, or effect change, in a flexible and purposeful way.  Bord Bia’s business plan and road map for the food and drink sector is aligned with our purpose and strategic priorities, which allows us to respond to and drive change aligned to industry needs.  This agility is needed now more than ever as we, ourselves, repurpose to assist the industry face the significant challenges posed by the Covid-19 crisis.

Established Bord Bia work programmes and strategic plans, originally developed under different circumstances, are currently being reviewed and updated so we are prepared to best serve our client companies and stakeholders during these unprecedented times.  To ensure we can progress this level of preparedness across the industry, Bord Bia will be flexible and creative in our approach to redeveloping these programmes and plans for the remainder of this year, and beyond.

Adapting to current circumstances will allow Bord Bia to support members and food and drinks businesses preparedness through;