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Using Facebook and Instagram for Advertising (Intermediate)

This one hour webinar will help viewers that are familiar with Facebook Ad Manager to use Facebook & Instagram advertising to target their core audience profiles and sell directly online.

Topics covered:

  • Why - Why eCommerce businesses need to take their marketing into their own hands using Facebook & Instagram – Buyer’s journey, from awareness ads to conversions.
  • Who - Who uses Facebook and Instagram and why we need to build our Ideal Customer Profile in order to target them correctly - Look-A-Like Audiences, Interest targeting,
  • What - What content works best on each platform and what metrics matter the most
  • How - How to set up ads and retarget - When to retarget and how to work out what budgets you need to be successful

This webinar includes some real-life case studies that will showcase how Facebook & Instagram can transform offline businesses online effectively.