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AgDif Masterclass: Imposter Syndrome

Thursday 25th Nov 2021 13:00 - 14:00
Registration Closed
Event is free of charge.

Imposter Syndrome – How to Deal with It Successfully

Many people experience Impostor Syndrome, frequently occurring among high achievers and people from underrepresented groups. Those affected question their success, often attributing their accomplishments to luck rather than to ability.

What does it cover?

In this Masterclass, the last in our 2021 series, the award-winning learning & development company, ABSTRACT, will discuss this complex subject. This one-hour session will offer fresh perspectives on the topic and explore several proven strategies and interventions to disrupt and address the issue.

Who should attend?

This very practical session will operate as a workshop for business leaders and those aspiring to leadership roles, who would like to build their personal skillset, or support others in their teams.  As the masterclass is virtual, we can accommodate multiple registrations from member and non-member organisations, so feel free to share this with your colleagues in the food, drink and horticulture industry.