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The Consumer & Carbon ‘Cutting through the Carbon Jargon’

Wednesday 15th Feb 2023 12:30 - 14:00
Registration Closed
Event is free of charge.

The Consumer & Carbon ‘Cutting through the Carbon Jargon’

There is increasing pressure for food and drink companies to be transparent with their environmental impact across the entire value chain. New reporting requirements will see carbon footprint measurements as mandatory and communicating this measurement on pack is a new territory for both companies and consumers. Indeed, with growing conversations around our carbon footprints and net zero targets, there is a lot of work to do to demystify sustainability and empower consumers to engage in change for the better.

Conducted in partnership with a number of agencies including Empathy Research and Futavista, this study took place across 3 key markets. This webinar will provide an enhanced understanding around labelling communications, labelling schemes and regulations, which will help clients, and customers market and communicate net zero categories more effectively and help future proof their brands and businesses. We strongly encourage you to join us for this insightful session. 

Presented by: Grace Binchy, Insight & Trends Specialist, Bord Bia.

This webinar is open to Bord Bia client companies only