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Brand Forum Recipe Video & Content Service

Through the expansion of digital platforms video has emerged as an even greater opportunity for brand owners to promote brands and to interact with consumers in a targeted way.  Bord Bia’s Brand Forum is offering its members the opportunity to produce a recipe video.

What's on offer?

60-second recipe video, produced to the highest production standards. We have thirty six slots and places are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The cost of producing one video is €850+VAT (Brand Forum membership is a prerequisite of participation).

In addition, we are offering a professional photography service as an optional extra.  Participants will receive a bank of beautiful imagery, shot by a professional and experienced food & drink photographer, which focuses on showcasing your brand and produce.  For reference please view imagery  HERE.

The cost of the professional photography service is €350+VAT.

When will the service take place? 

Tue. 6th - Thurs. 8th September 2022

Tue. 8th - Thurs. 10th November 2022

What are the benefits? 

  • The video will be produced by a professional production team, with expertise in the food and drink sector.
  • Guaranteed premium production values. Pre-agreed briefing documents to deliver on the required look and feel for each brand.
  • A range of video formats will be provided for different social platforms. 
  • Images / stock shots from the shoot will be available and formatted as required.
  • Production and dissemination will be optimised for search on traditional and digital media. In addition a supporting workshop will be run for participants to maximise optimisation opportunities.
  • Dedicated food stylist on the shoot throughout the duration.  The food stylist will ensure recipes are trialled in advance of the shoot with all props pre agreed.
  • Highly cost effective, co-funded by Bord Bia.
  • Project managed by Brand Forum team.