Whether prompted by changes in the marketplace, competitive pressures or simply the desire to create something bigger and better, businesses are now constantly refining and redefining how they operate and what they produce.


Bord Bia's Consumer Insights Team runs tailored programmes for Irish Food and Drink companies; allowing access to global intelligence; specialist category knowledge & experience and professional facilitating skills from clear and imaginative marketing thinkers.


We believe winning in food and drink requires thinking, imagination and vision Through co-investment, we partner with your company to ensure your brand reaches full potential.



Bord Bia is a marketing business which partners with you to help grow your brand.
We understand the voice of the consumer, and the importance of this in order for your business to achieve growth
Grants access to marketing specialists and experts in consumer insight and strategy


How to apply:

To apply for any of our programmes or for any further enquiries please contact


Packaging Trends

Packaging isn’t simply about shipping products from A-B. We’ve considered the wider influences that impact packaging at each step of this lifecycle, and we’ve tried to predict how these trends will influence packaging in future based on recent projects we’ve worked on and what’s happening in the industry. This presentation takes you through the lifecycle of packaging while exploring 4 overarching themes.


Packaging Prospects 2018

Culinary Inspiration 

We have collected and curated expertise from every continent to better inform the Irish food and drink industry about the latest flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques employed by leading-edge chefs and in the world’s top restaurants. Use these visual magazines to spark your imagination and inspire the latest NPD.



BordBia Culinary Inspiration Issue 4 Adaptive Cuisine


BordBiaCulinary Inspiration Issue 1 All Natural


BordBiaCulinary Inspiration Issue 2 Storytelling


BordBiaCulinary Inspiration Issue 3 BeyondTaste

Consumer Insights

How Transparency Influences Purchasing Decisions in the Food & Drink Sector

For today’s consumer, environmental and social factors are frequently considered when making a purchase, alongside the traditional drivers of taste, price and convenience.

Go With Your Gut!

Burger & Pizza chains restore their reputation in the Spanish market

Burger and pizza chains represented roughly one third of all foodservice chain establishments to open in Spain in the beginning of 2019. Both had experienced stagnant growth for a period but over the last couple of years companies have begun to rethink their offering in line with new trends and have repositioned themselves once...

Learnings from Copenhagen

The capital of the world's oldest kingdom has become a cutting-edge city boasting avant-garde design, art and architecture as well as being a 21st century food destination. Copenhagen, a city of just over 500,00 people with more bikes than cars, has gone from what was once a food back water to a food revolution.