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Selling Ireland's Meat & Seafood in Online Grocery

We’re telling the story of selling meat and seafood in online grocery
in five parts.

1. Online Landscape
  • An overview of where the sector is at today including the macro context which is influencing and shaping it.
  • Markets and players explored.
2. Quant Research
  • Key headlines from the Kaizen 3 Quantitative Study.
3. Online Grocery Shopper Segmentation
  • Overview of four Online Grocery Shopping Segments emerging from the Quantitative Study.
4. Online Shopping Futures
  • Summary of nine emerging areas likely to shape tomorrow’s online shopping capabilities, shopper habits and experiences.
5. Five Action Areas to Sell Meat and Seafood Better Online 
  • We tie Sections 1-4 together to summarise:
    • Key Needs
    • Opportunity Focus
    • Consumer Action Considerations
    • Retailer Action Considerations