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UAE Future Proofing Toolkit


Future-Proofing is core to our Covid-19 Response plan at Bord Bia. Planning for your business future in a time of such uncertainty will not be easy.

Our ambition is to deliver industry timely consumer and market insights, robust data and assistance with strategic planning.

By downloading our Future-Proofing Toolkit you’ve taken the first step in beginning your business’ plans for a successful Post-Covid future…

The Toolkits

The toolkits are broken into 3 sections:


Understanding each of these indicators is your first step in developing a future-proofed plan for your business.


Validators are key measures that measure changing consumer behaviours. We do this through a nationally representative survey of consumers in key markets. You can use this work to sense check what behaviours are becoming ‘sticky’ and look like becoming long-term permanent changes in consumer behaviour.


A series of tools that will help you think through the implications of our Indicators and Validators to your business. We recommend you work through this section sequentially. There are three very simple steps in our suggested process for planning your business’ post-Covid Future