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Consumer Lifestyle Trends

About Consumer Lifestyle Trends

Consumer Lifestyle Trends

The Consumer Lifestyle Trends programme identifies the biggest trends shaping people’s lives over the next 3-5 years. By keeping up with trends and understanding what’s coming next, the programme helps companies within the food & drink industry in Ireland to better prepare for the future needs and wants of their consumers. The specific objectives of the programme have changed very little since Bord Bia first launched the programme in 2006 - the primary objective being to ensure that the consumer is at the heart of the business decision making.

Consumer trends are important for a number of reasons:

  1. Helping us to look at things from another perspective, becoming more outward-looking and consumer driven.
  2. Encouraging us to look forward, ensuring that our strategies remain proactive to the changing consumer landscape.
  3. Act as a catalyst for new thoughts and ideas, providing inspiration for profitable growth.

In this latest edition, we take a fresh look at the big forces at play in the world, and broad shifts in consumer attitudes, values and behaviours globally. We explore how these developments are driving trends in consumers’ lives. Also, we consider the implications for the food and drink industry in Ireland and the UK, and the opportunities that might exist for your business. The objective is for the Consumer Lifestyle Trends to provide a platform for future growth and innovation.

For further information on Bord Bia’s Consumer Lifestyle Trends please email the Consumer Insights Team at or view our website

Consumer Lifestyle Trends 

Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2018 - Full Report

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Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2015 

Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2015 Busy Lives

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Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2015 Health & Wellbeing

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Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2015 Personal Value Seekers

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Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2015 Responsible Living

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Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2015 Shared Experiences

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