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  • Author: Niamh Kennedy, Fellow Germany, Bord Bia - The Irish Food Board

    German consumers frequently and happily reach to the frozen food options in the retail channel. The category is recording a steadily growing turnover and this success is due to the players constantly picking up on food trends and listening to consumer wishes. (Rundschau, 2020).

    According to the trend survey of the German Frozen Food Institute (dti), saving time when shopping and cooking is at the top of the wish list of German consumers. (Rundschau, 2020) However it is not just quick, simple solutions for a warm meal that are in demand, but the demand for sustainable healthy food continues to increase.


    Trade magazine, RUNDSCHAU (01/20) has identified ‘Veggie & Co.’ (health) to be one of the top five trends, which will influence the frozen category in the retail channel in 2020. This trend has been seen popping up at trade shows, in the retail channel and also in foodservice. Irish suppliers should therefore ensure that they place particular focus on the health aspect of their products when approaching German buyers.


    The average amount of meat and meat products consumed in the German market per capita is 60kg. The consumption is however decreasing slightly. (Lebensmittel Zeitung, 2020) Consumers are instead consciously reaching to vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, fat/ salt/ sugar reduced innovations in the frozen aisle. The trend is supported with claims such as high protein, high fibre and rich in vitamins, all of which should be highlighted clearly on the front of pack. (Rundschau, 2020) (Bord Bia, 2020)


    Some examples of players in the German market who are re-injecting desirability into the category are Iglo, Garden Gourmet, Beyond Meat. These brands a driving the momentum in the category. Iglo is the no.1 frozen brand when it comes to frozen processed fruit and vegetables. (Euromonitor Brand Shares Frozen Germany Passport). Iglo have launched a Green Cuisine line with a veggie soulfood range.


    These brands are successfully embracing this trend. The millennials, who consider themselves to be 'foodies’ are the ones pushing these innovations. (Mintel, 2019) Buyers in the retail channel are also welcoming this trend, with Metro highlighting the SKUs in the first two pictures (below) with a sign indicating that they align with ‘Metro Trends’, helping such products to stand out in the freezers. 



    1. Garden Gourmet range seen in Metro Düsseldorf. Lentil Burgers & Vegetarian Nuggets.


    2. Products by German Family Company ‘Rügenwalder Mühlen’. Vegan Mühlen Burger & Veggie Meatballs. Seen in Metro Düsseldorf


    3. Wheaty Vegan Tex-Mex Burger at the Biofach organic trade show in Nurnberg, February 2020.


    Frozen food plays a strong role in the shopping preferences of German consumers with 49% of consumers believing that frozen foods are as nutritious as fresh. (Mintel, 2019) The readiness to buy from this category is high and if Irish suppliers can successfully communicate their health or sustainability USPs they will quickly become the favourable choices for both consumers and buyers alike.


    If you would like to find out more about the Frozen Category in the German retail channel and the 4 other trends as identified by the Rundschau please contact info@bordbia.ie




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