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  • Author: Fionn Warren, Strategic Insight & Planning, Bord Bia - The Irish Food Board

    Consumer receptivity to a “better meat” story, coupled with industry innovation act as the foundation to a revival in consumer perceptions of meat  according to New Nutrition Business (NNB). A better meat strategy will ensure loyalty of consumers and when meat is the best it can be, people will give themselves permission to indulge.  


    NNB’s five steps to a meat reimagined strategy are: 1. Snackification & convenience, 2. Health, 3. Communicate the positives, 4. Provenance and 5. Protect the planet.


    This FoodAlert, Part 1, will look at steps 1 & 2 with steps 3 -5 covered in Part 2, next week


    Snackification and convenience


    Snackification and convenience have to play a major role to play in marketing of meat. Marketing campaigns like AHDBs recent  beef campaign can act as inspiration to portray meat as a quick and easy option for consumers to enjoy as they fit it into their hectic lives. This is an excellent example of creating new and improved products to fit consumer needs and wants via this trend. As per IRI fresh convenience-focused meats are growing rapidly In Irish supermarkets.



    Image by: New Nutrition Business





    As we can see from this chart, animal protein is the highest quality protein in terms of highest amino acid score. The closest plant protein to this is soy. Nitrates in meats have come under scrutiny and companies are reacting to this by producing new and exciting products. Nestle owned brand Herta have created a range of meats which are nitrate free in France. They have proved a huge succcess.





    Looking at these Trends its clear that Irish food industries have to adopt similar strategies in order to be successful. These products and marketing strategies can help Irish businesses recreate the entire meat industry and tell a better meat story for all.




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