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  • Author: Fionn Warren, Strategic Insight & Planning, Bord Bia - The Irish Food Board

    Consumer receptivity to a “better meat” story, coupled with industry innovation can act as the foundation to a change in consumer perceptions of meat according to New Nutrition Business (NNB). A better meat strategy will ensure loyalty of consumers and when meat is the best it can be, people will give themselves permission to indulge.  


    NNB’s five steps to a meat reimagined strategy are: 1. Snackification & convenience, 2. Health, 3. Communicate the positives, 4. Provenance and 5. Protect the planet. 


    This FoodAlert, part 2, will look at steps 3-5, if you want to read last week’s food alert on trends 1 and 2 click here for (part 1).

    Communicate to fight meat’s corner

    Marketing communications have played a huge role in consumer trust in dairy products in the US. The California milk processor board runs a “parody investigation campaign” to ensure the public are hearing the correct information about dairy products and services to avoid false information. The meat industry needs to adopt a similar strategy to promote the facts about meat and debunk the myths that are easily spread online. Integrated marketing campaigns can promote the environmental and health positives of the meat industry and deal with the negatives head on. European livestock voice is a European Union initiative that respond to media negativity, it has its own information hub where it provides information about livestock and its benefits, as well as addressing some of the issues and negativity surrounding meat and farming around Europe. Bord Bia are part of the Meat and Dairy Facts campaign, which is an online resource for information about the role that meat and dairy play in a healthy balanced diet. It also explains the important work that Irish farmers are undertaking to care for their animals and the environment.


    Market provenance


    The health conscious consumer wants to know where their food and drink comes from. Whether its wine from Tuscany, cheese from France or Butter from Ireland, the same applies to meat. According to Direct to consumer butchers, Farmison, there is a strong consumer interest in foods that have provenance. Knowing that your meat is of the best quality and has come from a verified source can help build a long lasting relationship between supplier and consumer. Pipers farm have a page on their website that informs their consumers about their beef. They claim that their red ruby cattle are 100 % grass fed and are slowly grown to reach maturity. They also state that their meat is hung on the bone for 4-6 weeks. These details are very important to the customer and traceability must be included. 


    Protect the planet

    The UNs Intergovernmental planet on climate change (IPCC) is the authoritative body on climate change. In their 2019 report on global land use and agriculture they concluded that “balanced diets should include animal sourced food produced in resilient, sustainable and low GHG-emission systems” we can learn a great deal from this as it outlines that meat can be included in an environmentally friendly future. In Australia, water shortage is a major issue. In 2019 Government research agency CSIRO carried out a study to figure just how “water wise” its citizens’ diets are. And the results are rather surprising, red meat contributed only 3.7% of total dietary water-scarcity footprint.



    As we can see these examples are helping to write a better meat story for all concerned for the future of the meat industry. These strategies should provide inspiration to all stakeholders in the Irish meat industry moving towards a greener future. The health conscious consumer will continue to enjoy healthy meat options on a daily basis if the suppliers can act in accordance with these trends and continue to build long lasting relationships with their customers. 





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