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Say Cheese

12th October 2020

Liam McCabe, Sector Manager, Dairy Specialist, Bord Bia - The Irish Food Board

With the drastic shift back to home cooking in recent months, brands must inspire consumers and stimulate their creativity. In France, 64% of full-time employees plan on cooking more from scratch following the COVID-19 outbreak then they used to. With this is mind, opportunistic cheese brands can position their product as a versatile, easy to store and ready to use product to be included on the weekly shopping list. With homeworkers having much more flexibility with their time, people are cooking more often and differently. They can prepare meals during their breaks, with resting becoming possible for weekday meals. For cheese brands, it means helping home cooks put together an easy-to-prepare tasty dinner. Already, 34% of US customers use dairy to add flavour to what they eat and drink.

Meal Planning and Food Waste

Cheese brands can leverage the versatility of their products and try to feature on the shopping lists of consumers who plan meals ahead. After the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, 34% of full-time workers in Spain have the resolution to plan meals ahead to make use of all ingredients. Aside from the feeling of “accomplishment” from meal planning ahead, many consumers in major cheese markets aspire to plan ahead to make use of all ingredients and avoid waste, and the versatility of cheese will allow them to do just that.


Examples of various cheese products that encourage various and regular usage at home

Apetina Original Paneer Cheese is a mild, fresh Indian style cheese that is recommended to be spiced or marinated and is said to be easy to fry,  grill or bake, and be great with vegetables (Finland).

Arla Cheesy Spread is the perfect solution for a, last-minute lunch or a quick recipe for the whole family, and can be spread on a bagel or just eaten from a spoon (Nigeria).

Rondelé Plain Cheese Spreadcan be used in both hot and cold recipes. It can be used as a spread and also in a hot soup for texture (France).




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