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Consumer Lifestyle Trends: Busy Lives(2)

19 June 2015

Paula Donoghue, Consumer Insights, Bord Bia – Irish Food Board


Bord Bia launched the 2015 Consumer Lifestyle Trends programme last week. As part of the programme, we have identified six Trends* that are shaping consumers’ lives around the world over the next three to five years.  Over the coming weeks, we will take a deep dive into each Trend.  This week we are looking at Busy lives, which the consumer classifies as “I want help managing and making the most of the time I have”.


As lives get ever busier and more mobile, people want smarter ways of managing their lives and maximising their time. The pace of life and change remains fast, and consumers’ days are largely still full and frantic.


Technology has, on the one hand, made our lives more complicated, and brands that are able to cut through and make daily decisions feel simple really connect with consumers. On the other hand, technological innovation is raising the bar, and facilitating a wave of sophisticated services that deliver a new level of convenience.


Consumers now expect brands to be there exactly where and when they are desired, or ideally even just before. Leading brands are anticipating problems and needs before consumers even realise a decision needs to be made and providing them with a range of smart, yet simple, solutions.


In this new world of hyper-convenience, the quality and health credentials of food and drink are as important as ever. To stay relevant, products and services must seamlessly fit into people’s busy and complex lives, providing a consumer experience that is refreshingly straightforward and fuss-free.


Each of our six Trends have sub-trends that we look at in more detail on our new microsite, bringing them to life with food and drink examples from around the world.


The sub trends in Busy lives Trend are:
• Right thing, right there - Having the right thing when and where you want it 
• Simplexity - Products that make everyday living more simple 
• Pre empting problems - Leaning on lifestyle services that pre-empt problems and outsource tasks 
• Changing routines - Moving away from the traditional timeline of day and night.


* The six Consumer Lifestyle Trends are Busy lives, Shared experiences, Responsible living, Keeping it real, Health & wellbeing and Personal value seekers.


For further information on Busy lives or any of the Trends in the Consumer Lifestyle Trends programme, click here.


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