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Are You Brexit Ready?


Bord Bia is running a number of Brexit events and workshops, it's never too late to get informed about Brexit and how it will impact your business.

Bord Bia’s 2019 Brexit Barometer has played a vital role in enabling its client companies to identify, assess and prepare for the challenges that Brexit has created. The Brexit Barometer consists of a risk diagnostic tool that focuses on six key risk areas related to Brexit: customer relationships, supply chain, customs and controls, financial resilience, market diversification and emerging risks. In addition to helping companies measure their exposure and preparedness, the Brexit Barometer outlines the support services that Bord Bia has created in response to the findings within the report.

The BREXIT Action Plan provides practical information that client companies can utilise in order to prepare for increased complexity in UK trade, and therefore mitigate the risks posed by Brexit. Each section of this Action Plan includes ‘how to guidelines’ accompanied by a check list to help guide companies through potential next steps and actions to consider.

A full list of Bord Bia’s support services which are free, including Supply Chain Mentoring, Financial Risk Mentoring, Sanitary & Phytosanitary (SPS) Mentoring, and Customs Readiness Training, can be found on the BREXIT area of the Bord Bia website, along with information on other State supports available.

Visit www.bordbia.ie/brexit for more.