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GEPC Promo Launches New EU Co-Funded Mushroom Campaign across Europe

Date: 10/07/2023

The European Mushroom Growers Promo Group (GEPC Promo) launches its EU co-funded 5 million euros promotion campaign entitled "European Mushrooms, the hidden gem" to promote the benefits of mushrooms around Europe.

The GEPC Promo, which represents ten national organizations, is running a promotional campaign targeting millennials in 9 European markets: Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, and Spain. The campaign aims to increase consumer awareness around the many advantages of European mushrooms for a healthy and balanced diet and is expected to generate growth in sales of 28 million euros over three years.

Mushrooms are the perfect answer to many of today's consumer demands and evolving needs. Recommended by health professionals, affordable all year round, adaptable to all diets, and produced sustainably with limited water use, European mushrooms are a nutritional treasure trove of flavours and textures made possible by responsible, locally grown cultivation. From white mushrooms to portobello to shiitake mushrooms, these gourmet food items are fantastic ingredients that will enrich any dish.

Mushroom_UK color_Bleu.png

The European mushrooms sector, a dynamic market

In Europe, the mushroom sector represents more than 1,5 billion euros in yearly sales. Characterized by a high level of self-sufficiency, the market responds particularly well to the new trends of responsible consumption, favouring local employment, avoiding shortages, and offering high-quality and inexpensive products.

Mushroom cultivation requires significant investment, but these figures have remained relatively stable over the years. The sector includes some 2,900 European producers who provide more than 40,000 direct jobs, mainly in rural areas across Europe Including an estimated 1900 in Ireland.

In terms of the market, 70% of fresh mushroom sales go through retail outlets, mainly hypermarkets and supermarkets. The remaining 30% are destined for the catering industry. In Ireland, the retail market is worth €59 million, with a volume of 15 000 tonnes.