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Let’s Grow Campaign- Let's grow Autumn burst

Date: 11/03/2022

The final figures for the Autumn burst was made for impressive reading, with the available budget. There were two strands of activity that were created for the campaign. Firstly, seasonal container videos covering flowers and herbs presented by Fiann O'Nuallain, with his usual flair and enthusiasm. Secondly, digital animations were created of some the 'how to guides' on the gardening  section of the Bord Bia site, including how to plant roses, how to grow lettuce, and children’s activities like starting a wormery. The target market for the campaign was younger gardeners, and less confident gardeners, that have started gardening because of Covid, to encourage them to garden later into the year. The digital assets were promoted through the Bord Bia social media accounts.

The overall results of the campaign are below.

Hort Grow.png

As well as having been seen by an impressive number of people, it also produced 18,000 visits to the website, exposing gardeners to all the grow guides and resources on the site.

The overall sentiment and commentary was highly positive for both the campaigns. People tagged their friends and family in both of the campaigns leaving a highly positive feedback on how helpful the videos were.