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Potatoes, Prepare to be surprised - Europes favourite since 1538 - Live & Dine

Fresh potatoes remain Ireland’s most popular main meal carbohydrate and are deeply engrained in the food habits of the country. However, nowadays they face two main challenges;

  • a long-term decrease in their consumption due to substitute foods (e.g. pasta, rice)
  • a stagnation of their image as uniquely a traditional food.

This trend has led to a decrease of potato consumption among the different age groups, but especially in Irish consumers between 18 and 34 year old i.e. millennials either living on their own, co-habiting or with their own young families.

To increase potato consumption with millennials, Bord Bia, in partnership with CNIPT (France), VLAM (Belgium), Europatat (European Potato Trade Association) are running an inspiring campaign called “Potatoes, Prepare to be Surprised – Europe’s Favourite since 1536”. The 1536 refers to the year of arrival of potatoes in Spain from Peru, linking back to its European heritage.  The campaign aims to surprise millennials with interesting facts and potato recipes. This joint initiative is co-financed by the European Commission and will run for 3 years until December 2022. The campaign message is clear: potatoes fit in modern, healthy and sustainable lifestyles because they are a tasty, versatile and nutritious food.

The campaign’s backbone is the potato recipe website www.potato.ie where currently you can find 100 surprising and ‘exotic’ potato recipes, as well as other tips and information on how to easily use potatoes. Instagram is the main social media channel used, but other social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest are also used for communications.

Having launched www.potato.ie website in April, the three countries ran a shared campaign activation online called ‘Live & Dine’ to draw attention to the new campaign.

The ‘Live & Dine’ activation took place during the full Covid – 19 lockdown, but was a great success, reaching 93% of the target audience (i.e. 93% of Irish 18-34 year old millennials active on social media were exposed to the campaign). Bord Bia created a fun ‘Instagram Live’ cook-along event (‘Live & Dine’) featuring two influencers that resonated with millennials, Marcus O’ Laoire & Cassie Stokes. Bord Bia also generated further conversation about potatoes online in the weeks after the event, using six additional influencers Jess Redden, Gastro Gays, James Kavanagh, Louise Cooney, Niamh O Sullivan & Harry McNulty to highlight some of the other recipes from the website across their channels and direct millennials to the website.

To see these tasty potato recipes visit our website or follow our social media profiles; 


Instagram: @potatosurprises.eu  

Facebook: Potatosurprises.eu

For further information on this campaign contact lorcan.bourke@bordbia.ie