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5 Must Reads for Competitive Advantage – Including Food on Demand, Rediscovering Health, Covid-19 and Food in the UK A Year On - July 2021

Amy Bond, Assistant Librarian & Information Specialist,

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According to McKinsey, companies that make the most of the wide array of research available to them give themselves a great competitive advantage. They give themselves the knowledge that can lead to the type of genuine insight that creates brand growth ("New insights for new growth: What it takes to understand your customers today", 2016). To make sure you are that you are leveraging  Bord Bia’s world class library resources for competitive advantage this insightful article will introduce 5 Must Reads for July:


1. China’s Alternative Protein Market (Gira, June 2021). This report indicates that China is poised to build the world’s largest alternative “protein 2.0 assembly” capabilities that will not just accelerate rapid demand of alternative protein supply domestically, but in the future, assert itself as a keystone supply base for major overseas markets. This report will help you understand the potential for meat substitutes in the market, as well as how developments in China will shape the global market.

2. The Era of Food on Demand (Euromonitor, April 2021). As consumers prepare fewer meals overall, spending and brand equity will accrue to those companies providing fresh prepared meals on demand, from delivery aggregators to retailers, restaurant operators and others, and away from individual packaged food and drink brands. This report discusses the challenges and opportunities in this new environment. What can your brand make of these?

3. Why the Shroom Boom Is the New Key to Wellness (Canvas 8, June 2021). Mushrooms are having a moment, popping up in everything from supplements to food items to skincare. As the wellness sector continues to boom in the wake of the pandemic, how can brands harness the ‘health halo’ surrounding fungi and help people integrate them into self-care rituals? This article will help you explore opportunities for mushrooms you hadn’t considered before.

4. Rediscovering Health - Global Report (FMCG Gurus, June 2021). This report examines the topic of Rediscovering Health. Within this trend there are four sub-trends; I’m Fighting Fit, My Priority is Immunity, The Benefit of Nutrition & The Future is Now. It looks at how consumers are becoming more conscious about their immediate and long-term health, with health goals shifting from being aspirational to instead focus on disease management. Understanding this trend will allow you to communicate the health benefits of your products that really speak to consumers.

5. COVID-19 and Food & Drink: A Year On - UK - May 2021 (Mintel, June 2021). While scratch cooking and baking boomed while people were confined to their homes for much of 2020 and the first half of 2021, it is surprising how eager many young people are to continue with these activities when restrictions ease. While the market will fall from its peak, sales will continue to be elevated from their pre-pandemic projections. This report will help you understand how the pandemic has shifted the UK food market and how it will continue to develop.

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