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5 Must Reads to help you win in the Meat Category

Amy Bond, Assistant Librarian and Information Specialist

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Photo by Kyle Mackie on Unsplash


In a 2019 interview with Forbes, Julie Anna Potts, president and CEO of the North American Meat Institute, noted that “consumer insights will be critical for companies to bring innovation, convenience, health and value to the meat case” (Fromm, 2019). In the intervening years, these attributes have become even more crucial to consumers. Bord Bia can provide access to insights that help you understand the category and deliver on what consumers want. Outlined below are five recent reports from our library collection.


Global Meat, Poultry & Fish Packaging Review, Mintel (October 2022)

This report looks at the trends shaping packaging innovation in the meat, poultry, and fish categories. The three key drivers Mintel have identified are convenient value, actionable ethics, and holistic health. Packaging that focuses on sustainability and value will respond to the environmental, emotional and financial motivations driving protein purchase decisions. The report includes data analysing recent launches, and includes examples of new product launches. 


The fall-out begins as meat substitute profits fail to materialise, New Nutrition Business (September 2022)

In this article, New Nutrition Business predicts that over the next two to three years most plant based meat substitute companies will fold or will be bought by big competitors for fire-sale prices. According to 210 Analytics, which uses IRI data from US supermarkets, sales of plant-based meat remained hyper-niche. Despite sales being up by 7.6% in July 2022, compared to July 2021, volume was down -5.1%. Growth was entirely driven by frozen products, offsetting a sharp fall in refrigerated meat substitutes.


Global Meat Market Mid-Year Update, Gira (July, 2022)

This presentation gives an update on how the global meat market has been shaped by a very volatile year. It provides an overview of the market and its drivers and brakes. There is then regional focus on Europe, China, and the US, and exploration of the main issues affecting these markets, including the continued reverberations of Covid 19 and the impact of inflation.


Further Processed Meat Report, Gira (January, 2022)

The European and UK processed meat market is vast at approximately 14 million tonnes product weight. It is also extremely diverse and complex – with a multitude of national and regional variations. This synthesis report, and nine individual country reports that accompany it, provide detailed analysis of this category.  They measure the market size and segmentation, analyse developments in its industrial supply chains, and provide forecasts in light of ever-changing dynamics.


Butterball: Celebrate the Good, WARC (2021)

This case study from WARC gives an overview of how Butterball, a turkey brand, launched a campaign in the US to inspire new, younger generation hosts to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. COVID-19 forced many would-be guests to become first-time hosts. Younger hosts were nervous about preparing Thanksgiving dinner so Butterball created an online Turkey Talk-Line hosted on their website, formed a Turkey Talk-Line partnership with a lifestyle influencer who created video content, and launched with print, big screen, streaming video on connected TV, traditional radio, programmatic display and gaming and paid and organic social. The campaign resulted in a 2% share growth.


Bord Bia clients who want to learn more on how to access content from these reports can contact thethinkinghouse@bordbia.ie.



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