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The Secret to how Bord Bia’s Small Business Clients’ can leverage Knowledge & Market Intelligence for Business GROWTH

Mairéad Mc Keown – Manager, Knowledge & Critical Capability

Gillian Willis – Small Business Manager

Leveraging KMI for small business Source.PNG

Here at Bord Bia we believe that helping *Small Business Clients learn how to leverage our Knowledge & Market Intelligence Team to make better, more informed strategic decisions, will help them succeed in the pursuit of business growth. So, if you’re a Bord Bia Small Business Client that wants to benefit from the teams’ extensive experience and expertise in Market Insight generation & Professional Desk Research, and uncover key insights from a world class collection of Knowledge & Market Intelligence, we’ve designed a brand new Learning Course just for you! We encourage you to read this article to learn more about the course, then register on Bord Bia’s Learning Zone and enrol to complete the course.

Launched in 2020, The Learning Zone is a digital platform where Bord Bia Small Business Clients* can enhance and develop skills on ways of working and increase business acumen, which will support existing business and enhance new opportunities.

* (small business clients must have a turnover of between €100,000 and €3.5 Million)

It features a catalogue of great courses from ‘Choosing and Managing a Distributor’ to ‘SWOT Analysis’, as well as ‘Preparing for a Buyer Meeting’, and so much more. The sole focus of this article will be to explore the course on ‘How to Leverage Knowledge & Market Intelligence to Help Grow Your Business’. This interactive course teaches learners about how to use the skills and resources of the Knowledge & Market Intelligence Team (KMI) to help research a market, category, channel, consumer, and/or customer, and grow their business based on accurate, authoritative and reliable insights. By leveraging the KMI team the course also demonstrates how Small Businesses can save time and money, reduce risk and uncertainty, uncover actionable insights that inform better decision making and help sustain and grow business. Learners work through two sections on the following topics:

Topic 1: What are the benefits of using the KMI Team?

Topic 2: What’s your business challenge?

Next Steps: How to contact the team and get support.


Readable and practical examples, as well as useful case studies, help facilitate learning in a highly relevant and easily accessible way.


If you’re a Bord Bia Small Business Client who wants to uncover key insights to support your business growth strategy and experience multiple additional benefits at the same time, the secret is to click here to register for the Learning Zone and complete the ‘Knowledge & Market Intelligence’ course. Those who complete the course will also earn a Digital Learning Badge which can be used on their LinkedIn profile as evidence of successful completion and investment into their Continuing Professional Development.


Got a growth mind-set? Then, the ‘Knowledge & Market Intelligence’ course is right for you!