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What does the future of In Store in Great Britain look like?

Roisin Keane, Market Specialist UK

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The third in a three-part series of Insightful Articles, this article will look at the Insight Study that was recently commissioned and completed by Bord Bia, which focused on the In Store Bakery (ISB) category in Great Britain. To review the first two articles in this series (Setting the scene for the Instore Bakery report by Margaret McCarthy & Key Insights for In Store Bakery Growth in Great Britain by Klara Lynch) you can click here.

This article will focus on some of the future concepts that will re-invigorate the in-store bakery category after a particularly challenging year in 2020. 

What has been happening in In-Store Bakery in GB in 2020?

The In-Store Bakery (ISB) category in Great Britain has faced significant change since the Covid-19 crisis began, and overall this category has lagged behind in retail performance over the last year, with there being a 1.1% decline in ISB Expenditure 2019-2020 and then a decline of 1.1% in ISB Volume 2019-2020 (Nielsen, 2021). Covid-19 dramatically impacted ISB due to its over-reliance on the older age demographic, it’s reliance on the sensory experience in-store and it’s in ability to pivot with impact to the growing online grocery channel.

However, according to the trade we interviewed while conducting the report, ISB is important and valued as offering shoppers an element of excitement and theatrics to their shopping journey (Bord Bia). Customers that use the supermarket as their main place to buy bakery has only marginally dropped 1% pre-Covid-19 to now (Bord Bia, 2021), suggesting the barrier to purchase and decline in expenditure and volume has been the reduced footfall.

With footfall on the increase and the number of visits to stores rising, the grocers had their busiest 4 weeks in over a year last month (Kantar, 2021), retailers will want to keep their shoppers revisiting, providing a showcase in-store to meet their new and emerging needs. Their in-store bakery offering provides an artisanal feel to the shopper journey, it was described as the window to the freshness of all of the products in-store by trade during our research (Bord Bia).

So what does the future of this category look like considering its importance to retailers?

In our research we tested 6 future concepts with our consumer panel.

1. Better For Me

Covid-19 has had a lasting impact on our eating choices, as was reported in our Dietary Lifestyle Trends 2021, 64% of adults are making an effort to eat more healthy than they were 12 months ago (Bord Bia, 2021). Better for Me concept was about creating fresh and tasty bakery products with more emphasis on health and diet.

2. Made to Go with Dinner

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World Foods is a category that has seen growth in recent years with consumer’s openness to trying a wide variety of global cuisines on the increase. In Euromonitor’s report on the Behaviour relating to World Cuisines, 87% of shoppers said they wanted to become more knowledgeable about different world cuisines (Euromonitor, 2021). With the rise of cuisines such as Japanese, Indian and most recently Middle Eastern, opportunities will arise for the baked accompaniments such as paratha, flatbreads or naans.

3. Excite and Indulge Me – Collaboration Patisserie Valerie x Sainsbury’s / Gails x Waitrose

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Now, almost more than ever, consumers feel the permission to indulge and treat themselves. What better way to do this than with an indulgent and decadent sweet treat. We’ve seen the collaboration between high-street specialist bakeries with major retailers such as Patisserie Valerie & Sainsburys partnership and Waitrose selling Gail’s branded premium quality bread (The Grocer, 2020). These exclusive partnerships give customers a reason to visit, and importantly, a reason to return, by making the shoppers experience a delight to all of the senses.  (The Grocer, 2021)


  1. Comfort Me
  2. Better Home Lunches
  3. Keep Me Safe


If you would like to know more about the additional three concepts tested, the full information is available in the report. To receive the full report please contact Roisin Keane, Market Specialist UK (Roisin.Keane@bordbia.ie) or Klara Lynch, Insights & Planning Specialist UK (Klara.Lynch@bordbia.ie)



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Photos. All taken by Roisin Keane