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Recent Podcasts

Joe Burke, Bord Bia, July 14th

Joe Burke, Bord Bia’s Senior Manager of Meat & Livestock, discusses Bord Bia’s new Grass-Fed standards for beef and dairy, and gives a bi-weekly update on Ireland’s primary agri-food sector.

Shane Hamill, Bord Bia, July 9th

Shane Hamill, Bord Bia’s Strategic Projects Manager, discusses Bord Bia’s first hybrid event and the new Readiness Radar risk diagnostics tool.

Tom Harvey, Spinneys UAE, 7th July

Tom Harvey, Commercial Manager of Grocery at UAE retailer Spinney’s, discusses consumer trends in the market and other insights. 

Eileen Bentley, 3rd July

Eileen Bentley, Bord Bia’s Senior Marketing Strategy Manager on Capability Development, discusses the importance of strategic planning for companies during the pandemic, and outlines what supports are in place for clients to upskill in areas like virtual business pitches.

Joe Burke, Bord Bia, 30th June

Joe Burke, Senior Manager for Meat and Livestock, gives bi-weekly update on Ireland's primary agri-food sector, including impact of foodservice reopening.

Conor O'Sullivan, Bord Bia, June 25th

Bord Bia’s China Manager, Conor O’Sullivan, discusses the reopening of the Chinese economy and the impact this will have on Irish food and drink exports to the region

Emmet Doyle, Bord Bia, June 23rd

Emmet Doyle, Bord Bia’s Meat Market Specialist for the UK, details the success of Bord Bia’s digital promotional plans for meat in the British market since Covid-19.

Kasia Pastryk, Bord Bia, June 22nd 

Kasia Pastryk, Bord Bia’s Central and Eastern Europe Market Specialist discusses the reopening of the region and the rise of protectionism in Poland.

Malcolm Leoi, Bord Bia, June 16th 

Malcolm Leoi, Bord Bia’s South East Asia Market Specialist, discusses the impact the reopening of markets for Irish food and drink is having in Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea and the Philippines.

Conor Mulhall, The Little Milk Company, June 12th 

Conor Mulhall, from the Little Milk Company, that sources from 10 organic dairy farms spread across Munster and Leinster in Ireland, speaks about the effect Covid-19 is having on a small business.

Joe Burke, June 10th

Joe Burke gives an update on Ireland's primary agri-food sector and Maria Castroviejo from Rabobank discusses the structural changes the food industry is facing as a result of Covid-19.

Nicolas Ranninger, June 8th

Nicolas Ranninger, Bord Bia’s Africa Manager, discusses trade across the continent.

Maureen Gahan, June 5th

Maureen Gahan, Bord Bia’s Foodservice Specialist, discusses new white paper report published last week with up to date figures, trends and recommendations for the Irish foodservice industry in relation to Covid-19

Nick Curtis Davis, June 3rd

Nick Curtis Davis, Head of Brand Development for Bord Bia, discusses the implications of Covid-19 on brands and consumer expectations. 

Joe Moore, June 2nd

Joe Moore, Bord Bia East Asia Market Specialist, discusses how Japan and Korea have been impacted by the pandemic and the implications for Irish exports.