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Food Security

What is it and why does it matter?

Ensuring a secure, reliable and sufficient supply of safe and nutritious food at all times, and doing so via the shortest possible food supply chain, including via local sourcing of food.

Very much a customer topic but more of a table stake as it has little ability to differentiate a brand. Though keep in mind that recent supply chain issues (COVID) have refocused both nations & governments – especially those that are import-dependent e.g., China and UAE – and customers with complicated global supply chains. 

The major implication here is for suppliers to potentially audit customer relationships that might be at risk (or could be strengthened) if there is a ‘shortening’ of a supply chain or if global trade relationships shift.


Of meat buyers believe that “being able to access products in a secure and reliable manner” is important when choosing a supplier


Governments using tech to deliver security

Countries like UAE (and Singapore) have robust national level innovation-driven food security strategies in place, with the overall goal of providing sufficient, safe and nutritious food at a sustainable price

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Agenda Setters 

This is more acute in markets with food security issues (e.g., UAE & China), although there were some comments around Brexit impacting UK within the European markets. Some leads also call out the link to traceability and connecting it to stronger supplier partnerships, delivering stronger security.


Buyers see security as being able to access goods in a secure and reliable manner. As such it is very important when choosing a supplier, and ties in to the broader ‘service’ element of the buyer Trinity (Quality:Price:Service) that all suppliers must speak to when communicating with buyers. 


This is not a “live” topic for consumers at this stage and it is not seen as a specific aspect of sustainability.  The essence of this topic however is mentioned spontaneously as a benefit of sustainability for some, in securing long-term, future supplies. 

Insights & Implications
Insights & Implications

Review the headline insights from the Global Food Sustainability Outlook research.

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