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Let’s Grow campaign

Date: 01/11/2021

Let’s Grow

Research conducted post Covid-19 found that consumers find it hard to navigate the gardening category and all communication needs to be both clear and simple. There are many new consumers with an interest in gardening, but with little knowledge or skills about where to start. Gardening and plants needs to be made accessible so that consumers can confidently garden, even if they only have a balcony.

Simple gardening advice is always in demand – insights from the GroMor website showed that the monthly to do list was the most valued resource, especially for new gardeners. The main topics of interest on the site were what to do each month, how to get the kids involved in gardening, gardening for the environment/biodiversity/bees, and the physical and mental benefits of gardening.

Additionally many younger consumers came into the category this year and last through an interest in growing their own fruit and vegetables. As many within this cohort are renting, they respond positively to container gardening and simple tips on growing fruit and veg on a balcony or outdoor space.

Let’s Grow

Let’s Grow replaces the GroMor programme with key content from the initiative being migrated to BordBia.ie. Content on the gardening hub on BordBia.ie includes monthly gardening advice and to do lists, a map showcasing garden centres and nurseries nationwide, plant guides highlighting Irish grown ornamental plants from Irish Nurseries, as well as inspirational and educational content. Activity is pitched at new or beginner gardeners who are not confident about gardening or growing their own food. New content is added every month in the ‘Monthly to do list’ which highlights Irish grown plants.

In preparation for the autumn burst of activity, video footage of Fiann Ó Nualláin was captured at the Botanic gardens, creating a range of seasonal containers, including a window box herb garden. The focus was on Irish grown plants, and how seasonal bedding can really lift a container.  

In addition work was done on animating some of the advice guides, to make them suitable for Facebook and Instagram.

There was an intensive digital promotional burst for the material in the middle of October, on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Full results are still awaited, but it is estimated that the ads for the videos will have been displayed 800 000 times, with 80 000 video views.

For 2022, there are plans in place to launch the Let’s Grow campaign in March with spring gardening tips, again using video advertising. There is a huge demand of simple gardening information that can be seen by the number of Google searches for gardening terms. Google search word advertising will be carried out to help drive traffic to the website in this way.

The campaign will engage with consumers though videos, animations, infographics and inspiring images. It will feature well known and up and coming gardeners, across both plants and fruit and vegetables, with regular, engaging content.