Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2019: A look at our Health & Wellbeing Trend

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Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2019: A look at our Health & Wellbeing Trend

Article Date: 12/04/2019 


Grace Binchy, Strategic Insights & Planning, Bord Bia – Irish Food Board

From the circadian rhythm to the rise of fresh snacking

2019 continues to see Health and Wellness drive forward into mainstream.According to the Global Wellness Institute the Global Wellness market is now 3 times larger than the global pharmaceutical industry- valued at $3.4 trillion.

It’s a market that continues to grow in sophistication and we have seen our trends evolve from being focused purely on our physical health, to looking at both our physical and mental health, to now starting to see our body as “a series of systems..”

The endocannabinoid system, the circadian rhythm – (the body’s biological clock ), brain health and intelligent recovery are all areas where we are seeing an increased focus of interest and areas where we are likely to see significant new product development in terms of food and drink.

According to the Kantar global monitor three out of four people are now consuming functional foods on a daily basis.

Understanding our body as systems is being enhanced through the growing interplay between technology and health with Fitbits and Oura Rings as examples allowing us track our sleep activity. More niche enabling technology such as the iEat allergen detection system and devices that aim to combat mental health while not quite mainstream are becoming more widely available.

We continue to see the blend of old and new and Ayurveda while a 5000 year old holistic health system has more recently exploded into public consciousness and is manifesting itself through the ketogenic diet, the emergence of ghee as a cooking staple and our obsession with turmeric and other ancient grains such as sorghum.

More bespoke foods are more likely to become the norm with more of an “eat right for your type” model of eating likely to emerge as we can interrogate our systems in a more bespoke way and this in turn will allow us to develop foods which can be optimised by age.

Another growth area is fresh snacking which according to Mintel (Aug 2018) is on the rise with younger consumers driving demand for fresher options. “Is fresh” is in fact the number one purchasing driver for Millennials and GenZ while shopping for food. Health and Wellness snacking grew 6% annually driven by outsized growth from fresh snacking which grew by 8% annually . Consumers are increasingly shopping the perimeter of the store with 50 and 73% increases in refrigerated snacks section over the past three years. With Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods and the rise of new channels like Instacart, it will become easier for consumers to avail of fresh foods and so is likely to be a sector that will continue to grow in the years ahead.

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