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Feed Quality Assurance Scheme (FQAS)

This standard sets out the key requirements for those who wish to participate in the Feed Quality Assurance Scheme (FQAS). To help ensure the safety of the food produced (i.e. meat, eggs and dairy products), both feed business operators and farmers have a regulatory obligation to control the safety of feed offered to food producing animals. Participants are required to remain compliant with the relevant legislation.

The Bord Bia core standards for beef and lamb, dairy, eggs, pigs and poultry each contain specific criteria / requirements relating to the sourcing, handling and management of materials used to feed animals on the farms. This applies to grass (silage, hay etc.), other crops grown for feeding animals (including cereals, roots, pulses, etc.) as well as to manufactured feeds and other purchased feedstuffs. In all cases, the feedstuffs must be provided to the animals in a manner that ensures compliance with the feed legislation (safety and hygiene of the feed) and compliance with these criteria / requirements in the core Standards is assessed through audit.

In addition, under all Schemes, each participating Member is required to complete a declaration of compliance with the relevant applicable legislation (which includes legislation relevant to feedstuffs).

Feed Quality Assurance Scheme Standard

The link to the Standard is : FQAS Manufacturer and Feed Supplier Standard Rev02.pdf

Online Application Form

The link for applications is:

The principle objectives of the FQAS are:

  • To set out the requirements for best practice in the production / supply of animal feed so as to ensure the safety of the feed and the safety of the food products that derive from the animals consuming it;
  • To provide a uniform mechanism for recording and monitoring feed manufacture activities with a view to achieving continuous improvement in feed supply standards;
  • To support and complement the core Bord Bia quality assurance schemes relating to animal production.

QAS Scheme Members

Full details of Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme members.

Bord Bia Quality Mark Logo Use Policy

Download the Bord Bia Logo Use Policy for full detail on the conditions for the use of the Bord Bia Quality Assurance logos or click on the form link below to request logo use approval.