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How We Help

Bord Bia’s Role

Bord Bia’s role is to market and promote Irish food, drink and horticulture to customers worldwide on the basis of sustainability, traceability and quality. Bord Bia developed the Quality Assurance programme to provide proof to customers of these high standards. In addition to the Quality Assurance programmes, Bord Bia provides services and supports to the Irish food and drink industry across four key areas:

  • Reputation: Bord Bia develops marketing campaigns at home and abroad to support and enhance the reputation of Irish food, drink and horticulture.
  • Insight: Bord Bia provides market and consumer insight and intelligence to support the growth of the Irish food, drink and horticulture industry.
  • Growth: Bord Bia helps to build the capability of businesses to evaluate, plan and deliver growth in priority markets.
  • Talent: Bord Bia’s Talent Academy equips graduates with the skills necessary to drive the growth of the Irish food, drink and horticulture industry.
Information Resources for Farmers and Growers

Bord Bia’s Agri-Market Insights is a dedicated news hub for farmers and growers. Content is updated each month with market insights and commentary. 

Market prices for beef, sheepmeat and pigmeat are updated every Friday with the most recent published data. In addition to prices, data on throughput and live exports is also regularly updated. Dairy ingredient market prices are updated regularly with the most recent published data.

Bord Bia Events and Supports for Farmers

Bord Bia Helpdesk

The Bord Bia Helpdesk (01 5240410) operates from 9am until 8pm, Monday to Friday, and is run by a team of trained staff. Farmers can call the helpdesk to prepare for their Bord Bia audit and to be clear on exactly what will be asked of them during the audit. The Helpdesk is also available to help farmers through the Remote Audit process (for beef, sheep, dairy and pigmeat producers).

Farmer Feedback Report

All dairy, beef and sheep farmers receive a six-page feedback report following their audit. The farmer feedback report includes a summary of farm performance under the following headings: General Farm Performance, Carbon Footprint, Greenhouse Gases, Nutrient Management, Grassland Management and Farm Health and Safety.

The purpose of the farmer feedback report is to inform decision making on your farm by showing how farm inputs and activities contribute to greenhouse production. The report contains advice and feedback on how to mitigate against these emissions and improve production efficiencies.

Farm Walks

Bord Bia run farm walks, hosted on member farms, and in collaboration with stakeholders, to assist farmers to meet the requirements of their audit and to provide additional insights and learnings to farm efficiently and sustainably.

Origin Green Farmer Awards

The Origin Green Farmer Awards are held every two years to recognise and reward the exceptional performance of members of the Sustainable Quality Assurance schemes for beef, horticulture and dairy. Details of previous winners is available on the Origin Green website.

Other Events

Bord Bia participates in a range of events within the farming community including the National Ploughing Championship, the Tullamore Show, and Teagasc events.